Sunday, January 16, 2011


I'm so behind on postings of any kind. Going to try to catch up and actually aim to achieve some of my resolutions this year. Our fourth day in New York, after wandering through Central Park for hours, we ventured out to my old stomping grounds.

We decided to get off the subway and walk across the Brooklyn Bridge which I have never done before. It was super windy that day, but I'm glad we stuck it out and did the walk. The views of both boroughs were fantastic.
Hehe. I made him do this :P
After getting to Brooklyn, we took a bit of a break and tried to figure out where to meet up with my friends. We were kind of playing the whole day by ear, and nothing was really settled upon. I decided to go to Coney Island for memory's sake and see how it was. I didn't realize it would all mostly be closed. I guess because it was October. Or Sunday evening. Or both. Either way, it was nice to be able to wander around there for a bit.
I guided us to my old neighbourhood of Midwood in order to see my old house. I had a pretty good idea of where I used to live, as I remembered the street and which subway it was near. It was near the D train. But looking at the map, the D train went in the other direction of where I thought I lived, so we had to take a different train to get there. We still ended up about twenty blocks away from where I wanted to get to. Later on a friend of mine told me that they actually switched the names of the trains ... so what used to be the D is now the F. Or something like that. Way to make it confusing.
P.S.199 :)
We saw my old elementary school. It looks a lot more upscale now, with the new playground and all. It was a bit weird being back in the neighbourhood. Some stores and places were still there. Others just moved literally a block. Others were gone for good. It was nice to be able to find my old street though, and have a moment to reminisce. Even if briefly. We got a hold of my friends and one of them came to pick us up. Even though I have not spoken to one of them in over a decade, it was not awkward at all and I was really happy to see her. Two more of my friends joined us later and we all went to a Turkish restaurant. By this point I somehow forgot to even take a picture of our mini reunion. Hopefully there will be another one sooner rather than later :)

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