Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Birthday Weekend

Last weekend was Stephen's birthday. It went from one extreme to the other. On Friday, I surprised him by having us go to the Elmwood Spa in order to have a Swedish massage. Neither of us had ever had a professional massage before, so I thought it would be an experience. Unfortunately I couldn't really take pictures in the spa, but I love the hot tub and overall feel of the women's change room. I think the whole spa is quite nice. The massage itself wasn't that amazing for me ... I think Stephen got the better masseuse :P But it was nice to be able to take a dip in the pool after and relax and spend time together. Afterwards, we went to the Bangkok Garden for dinner. I have never been there before, and chose the place mostly because of the location. I think we were both pretty satisfied with our meal and the whole evening overall :)
The soup that was way too spicy. Stephen ate the pepper :P
Too much food. Had to take it home.
On Saturday we went to get tickets to the show we were going to see later on that day. The afternoon was spent walking all around Queen and Dundas, and back and forth numerous times which was funny. We went for brunch at Harlem again. I ordered the signature french toast, and Stephen got the blueberry pancakes (although the blueberries weren't actually inside). It was a nice day out, although cold. That night did not turn out as expected at all, for which I am mostly to blame. I feel like things have shifted, and hope they go back to how they were a while ago. This hasn't been the best week ever.
I love his face :)

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

House party

This last week and a bit has been a blur. I figured I'd update and catch up. Last weekend Aliona had a party at her house. It was nice to see some people I haven't seen in a while. Ended with me convincing Aliona's brother to try to win back my friend and show up and surprise her with a big bouquet of flowers, and my old friend Jaime spilling the details on his last relationships to me at 4am in his car. Interesting night overall.
Making caipirinhas.
I normally like this drink. Not so much this time.
So many limes gone.
The weekend ended on a not so positive note. I got a call from Dennis around 10pm on Sunday saying he was taking Aliona to the Emergency Room. I left Stephen's house and headed straight there. She was in such pain, and we waited until 1am for her to be seen and taken care of. Turned out she had a kidney stone.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010


So last Wednesday Stephen and I decided to walk around his neighbourhood since it was quite nice out. We stumbled upon a restaurant by the name of AGIO close by. A friend of his recommended it, and I have always been intrigued by the colourful sign, so we decided to try it out. While still standing outside looking at the menu, the chef and owner came out to tell us about his great place. Being somewhat swooned by his Korean mixed with Italian accent, we went in. We were the only people there. For the whole duration of our meal. Maybe even the day.
He began telling us about his stint in Italy and how he worked in Tokyo for several years as well. The stories were quite detailed. Even though it was a bit difficult to understand him at times, his enthusiasm for food and for everything he made was very evident and overall fairly charming (even if a bit too much). The prices outside the restaurant did not exactly match what was inside. Regardless, we decided to stay and enjoy our meal.
Yes, this is indeed a lobster chef doll. Slightly creepy.
We ordered wine (which was too expensive at $10 a glass) and waited. We did not have to wait long at all. We began with fried calamari with a side of tartar sauce. Very tasty. I then ordered gnocchi with chicken, bacon, Italian sausage, and mushrooms and Stephen ordered pasta shells stuffed with chicken and mushrooms in a rose sauce I believe. I really liked my main dish as well.
Crispy little squid.
Gnocchi with chicken, bacon, Italian sausage and mushrooms.
Stuffed pasta shells with chicken and mushrooms.
For dessert, we ordered sambuca creme brulee which was very tasty. As we were about to pay our bill and leave, the chef (Marino) kept telling us more stories and the history behind his dishes. The word "agio" means to take it easy I believe. Apparently fresh fish comes into Kensington Market on Tuesdays and Thursdays, who knew? He then decided to bring us his acclaimed tiramisu to try on the house. Despite being stuffed, we felt we should not refuse. It was interesting as it was quite different from the other tiramisus I've had; not in cake form, quite light and not sweet. After many thank yous all around, we finally left. Definitely a memorable dining experience.
Creme brulee. Delicious.
Marino. Definitely a character.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

... Lovely night

After leaving Stephen's, I went to Aliona's place for a little get together. Should not have brought any more booze as there were two pots of sangria for five people. Everyone was quite happy towards the end, and we still had almost a full pot left. Fun, laidback night overall.
And the prancing begins.
Bootie shots.
Kim's almighty sangria.
My favourite salt shaker - SeƱor.
Sangria kicks in.
Yup. Definitely kicked in.
Apparently we like to match.
Burning of the love letter. #4?
Bits and pieces.
Don't worry, she's not actually crying.