Sunday, December 5, 2010

Soho & Arepas

All of Saturday was a bit of a blur. We woke up pretty early and decided to not waste the gorgeous day at the Museum of Natural History as we had planned originally. So we decided to go shopping, as one must of course do when in New York. So we decided to head to Soho and then the East Village, as we were closest to those two areas.

FIT, FAO Schwarz, MOMA

The second day started off bright and early. I made an appointment to have a tour around the Fashion Institute of Technology at noon. It was conveniently only a block away from our apartment. I have wanted to study here probably for the last 7 years or so. It's always something I've come back to after crossing off another possible career path of my list. There have been many. I figured I should see the place I've been thinking about for so long in person. Poor Stephen endured the two hour session with me, which I was very grateful for. Overall, it was very informative. It seems like a great place and somewhere I would love to be. Financially though, I'm not sure if it's the smartest path to pursue. Kinda wish my mom and I never left New York, that way I could attend as a state resident. :P Ah well.