Sunday, January 16, 2011


I'm so behind on postings of any kind. Going to try to catch up and actually aim to achieve some of my resolutions this year. Our fourth day in New York, after wandering through Central Park for hours, we ventured out to my old stomping grounds.

Monday, January 3, 2011

Best Present Ever!

This Christmas Stephen gave me the best present ever I think. One, because he made it; two, because it is the epitome of us and is very special; and three, because it was a complete surprise and I never expected or thought he would do something like this. He also gave me a hard case and a bag for my laptop which I definitely needed. But I would have been just as happy to only get this painting. I was so surprised to see it and there might have even been a single tear shed. I want to protect it with some sort of spray and then frame it. Thank you baby :)

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Central Park and Zoo

Sunday was the first really nice day we had in New York. It was mild and sunny and we decided it was the perfect day to take in Central Park. We headed out pretty early and spent most of the morning walking around the beautiful park. I loved how so many people were out playing baseball, walking their dogs, or just hanging out and enjoying the day. It's a great place to spend some time of even the whole day.

Welcome MacBook Pro

 One of the major reasons (other than my laziness), for my lack of posts is how long it would take me to make them. My Acer laptop would take forever to load the pictures, and then uploading them was another story. It was driving me crazy. So I finally had enough, and bought myself the laptop I've been eyeing for a while now. A bit pricey, but I feel it's definitely worth it. I got the MacBook Pro about a month ago, and am loving it. I still have to finish organizing all of my photos, but the Iphoto program is great. Everything is nice and neat, and most importantly ... works :)


New Year. Woot.

I never make resolutions really ... because I know it doesn't really matter as I will not follow them. But I think this year, I will give it a try.
 - Post more often. Take more pictures. This was the goal at the beginning of the year. I feel like I have managed to take more pictures than usual, but still not frequently enough. Mostly, I just need to keep up with it and be more consistent (as with many things).
 - Not get behind. Do things right when I have to do them. Instead of waiting for months and thinking about doing something, I will actually do it. Such a simple concept, but hard to implement for some reason. This applies mostly to things that have to be done, rather than leisurely things. Things that tend to get pushed back ... months and months in some cases. Just do it, as the saying goes.
 - Do more stuff. Kinda ties into the do not get behind category. This applies more to leisurely things though. I want to learn how to ice skate finally, go snowboarding more than once this year, travel more, take more random road trips, explore, do more random things,  etc etc etc.
 - Be more social. I am a very social person when it comes to my friends and people I know well. And strangers sometimes as well. But I would just like to meet more people and as the one above states, do more things. I think the two go hand in hand somewhat.
 -  Become healthier. I think over the last year or two I have become a lot healthier in the choices I make day to day. But there is always room for improvement. And in my case, there is a lot of room. I'd like to become more active and start running more frequently. And take up a couple of activities this year. Salsa dancing is definitely one that has been on the list for a very long time. Time to cross it off. Perhaps I will attempt some sort of kickboxing or somethings as well. We will see. But the goal is just to have more energy and be more positive. I don't really like going to the gym. But I have noticed now that I have not been in many months that even my once a week sessions were beneficial. Now I feel tired more frequently and I don't think I have as much energy as I did. Anyways, time to do it!

So far that's that's all I can come up with. I think most of them tie into the doing stuff now category. I'm such a procrastinator when it comes to everything. Even things I really want to get done. It's an awful habit that has stalled many things for sure. And it's no ones fault other than myself. So it's time to change. I need to do more things. Simple as that. This year will be all about change and progress. Starting now. :)