Sunday, January 2, 2011

Central Park and Zoo

Sunday was the first really nice day we had in New York. It was mild and sunny and we decided it was the perfect day to take in Central Park. We headed out pretty early and spent most of the morning walking around the beautiful park. I loved how so many people were out playing baseball, walking their dogs, or just hanging out and enjoying the day. It's a great place to spend some time of even the whole day.

Terrific views of the city.
We walked north through the park and decided to stop by the Zoo. Not so much because we really wanted to (I find them slightly depressing), but I thought it was something that we should do. The zoo is pretty small, so it didn't take that much time to see it all.
There was a funny moment with this toucan. I saw it sitting high above everyone while we were on another platform. I wanted to get closer to it since I really like toucans. It was sitting on a vine right above a path, so I thought it would be a great picture to have Stephen stand underneath it. Right as I was trying to tell Stephen to go under it, and while he was saying no, the toucan pooped right on the spot I was telling him to go stand in. Haha. That didn't even occur to me. He's so smart :P
Pompous toucan.
We continued heading north towards the big lake in the middle of the park. By this point I think we spent at least three or four hours in there and we were not even half way up. I don't think I realized just how big it was.
I loved watching the little motorized sailboats. There were a lot of them and it was so sweet to see a father teaching his son how to do it. Everything about it was lovely.
We finally got to the Alice in Wonderland statue. There were so many children on it at all times, that I gave up trying to take a picture on perched on top. Instead I settled for the mushroom,
I really wanted to try a pretzel. Note: do not get pretzels from the vendors at Central Park. Not tasty at all. Another reason to go back soon and try again. 
We got to the lake finally. By this point it was getting chilly and we decided to head out of the park and direct our wanderings into Brooklyn. We saw half of the park which I was happy with. :)


  1. nice pics! you make me miss NY!

  2. Thank you. I know, I can't wait to go back! :)