Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The Last (and best) Brunch

The start to our last day in New York was great. We looked up a great brunch place on Yelp, and decided to go to Petite Abeille in Chelsea. Judging from the mascot on the window, I'm sure you can decipher the name is Little Bee in English. Really glad we did. It's now a chain of restaurants in New York that first opened in 1996 with the idea of serving traditional Belgian food in a comfortable atmosphere. I think they definitely succeeded. They now have four locations all over Manhattan, and have gotten rave reviews ranging from "Best Burger" to "Best Brunch". 

Testing out the light settings on my camera. Gotta figure out how it all works sooner or later.
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The interior is warm and inviting. The nautical checkerboard tablecloths, Tintin images, train compartment decor matched with old wooden accents definitely makes one feel like it's a special place. Stephen had the best french toast ever, according to him. And I agree. I had a waffle that was pretty good, but could not compare to the french toast. The service was fast and friendly, the prices were very reasonable, and overall it was just a really nice place to relax and have some delicious food. Will definitely go back again when I return to New York. 
"Warm" tones. I do like the dimness it adds.
"Cool" tones. More realistic. I think someone's excited to eat.
Best French toast ever. But actually.

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