Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Cottage - Day 1

Last weekend we ventured north to Blue Mountain for Kim's birthday celebration. Friday was somewhat hectic and hilarious. On Thursday evening, I found out that Stephen's sister that lives in Australia was flying in on Friday afternoon. So we were going to stop by the airport on the way up to the cottage. While at work on Friday, I got notice that Kim missed her flight back to Toronto from Mexico where she was for a week prior for work purposes. Her boyfriend, Tony, was supposed to pick her up at 4pm, when she would have arrived and then gone straight to the cottage. It turned out that she was now arriving at 6:40pm. Since oddly enough, we were planning to be at the airport around that time anyways, we were going to pick her up. After work, I madly drove around trying to find suitable flowers for both Stephen's sister and Kim. Getting stuck in rush hour traffic certainly did not help. Upon getting to Stephen's house around 6pm, we packed the car and started making our way to the airport. Kim landed early. Stephen's sister ended up leaving before he had a chance to see her. :(

We went grocery shopping, stopped for food, got gas, and finally were on our way up to Collingwood around 8:45pm or so. With my speedy driving, we got there around 10pm I believe. Although we got lost trying to find the street itself, so we probably got to the actual house a bit later. Upon arrival, we were greeted by Tony, Aliona, Daniel, and Tony's friends Dan and Ria. The rest of the night was spent celebrating Kim's birthday. Stephen and I ended up getting caught up in conversation for a while, and when we emerged back out were surprised to find that everyone had gone to sleep. Since it was still somewhat early, we decided to try out the hot tub. It wasn't as hot as it should have been to be pleasant, so we moved on the the sauna. The recommended temperature was 50C, but we got it up to 80C and it was awesome. Was slightly exhausted after, but it was worth it. We were in there for quite some time :P
Someone doesn't know how to center the picture.
The cake Tony had made for Kim in Betsey Johnson style.
She was surprised and happy to see it.
Quite yummy.
Last picture of the night. Maybe that's a good thing.

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