Sunday, May 9, 2010

Cottage - Day 2

The second day at the cottage was ok. We woke up to discover that the power was out in the whole area due to the rain that morning. It turned back on in an hour or so, and the heavy rain cleared up by the afternoon. I was really tired for most of the day, and kept taking naps throughout. At one point, I decided to go for a nice walk alone and see the surroundings. The whole weekend was pretty chill, and I'm glad I went up and got to spend some time with my friends.
Eggs Benedict. With peameal bacon. Good way to start the day.
The Village at Blue Mountain.
Mmm. Barbeque.
Ria's delicious looking cupcakes. Did not get around to trying one though.
Stephen and I got stuck in the room with the bunk beds. We made the best of it.

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