Monday, April 5, 2010

Tulips, ribs, and a broken leg

As I am waiting for my group members to send me their info on our project, I figured I might as well upload some pictures from the weekend. My parents left for New York on Wednesday, and I have had the pleasure of having the house to myself for the last five days. Thursday consisted of madly cleaning the entire place, as it was definetely way past due. On Friday, Stephen and I went to Beaches to walk around. It was a beautiful day and everyone and their dog (literally) were out and about enjoying the weather. We ended up at a place called The Beacher Cafe. The food, while it looked tasty, was really not. But it was nice to be able to enjoy eating outside for the first time this year. Cannot wait for more patio weather days!

Bacon onion quiche with caesar salad side. Blah.
Eggs Benjamin. Also blah.
Upon receiving a text from my friend Kim saying that she fell out of a tree, we invited her to my house for ribs. It was later discovered that she did not fall out of one, but rather fell off a log. Close. It was my first time ever making ribs, and I think it went rather well. Everyone seemed to like them. I was worried about having way too many leftovers, but alas there were none :P

My happy little family :)
Beautiful tulips Stephen bought for my house.

On Saturday we went to pick up Stephen's bike from a random lady whose ad we found on Craigslist. Her neighbourhood in Scarborough was very bizare; all of the streets had the name "Ben" in them. For example, she lived on Ben Alder, and connected to it was Benleigh, Benshire, Benlark, Benlight, and others. I found it extemely amusing these streets all ran into each other. Then we ventured northwest to Lake Scugog in Port Perry; a lake I found on the map and decided we must go see. The drive was nice, and I enjoyed having our little prepacked lunch by the lake.

I'm still trying to figure out how to post things properly. Mostly just the position of pictures in relation to text and the like. I find that on my computer the post looks fine, but on another it is completely scewed. I guess I'll have to play around with the templates and hopefully find one that makes this whole process faster and move convenient.

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