Monday, April 12, 2010

Lovely day ...

This weekend consisted of meeting up with my best friend Kelly for a bit on Friday and then going to see How to Train Your Dragon with Stephen. We ended up seeing it in IMAX 3D which it seems like a lot of movies are being released this way. I guess it is the way of the future. I actually really enjoyed this movie and am glad someone convinced me to go :P
Saturday we went to Harlem Underground for brunch. I read about this restaurant a while back, and after passing by its sister lounge place, Harlem, for months while on my way home from class, decided it was time to check it out. I was not disappointed. I did not take any pictures for whatever reason (still working on that), but will definitely be back for lunch or dinner to try some of their other Southern style recipes. Then we decided to break into Stephen's new office so I could see the place.

Stephen's desk
Quite enjoyed this blue fire escape.

Then we ventured to Kensington Market for a bit to enjoy the somewhat warm weather and sunshine. I really liked walking around there and cannot wait to be able to do so without the long commute currently involved in any sort of downtown activities.
Banana lollipops I discovered at the Blue Banana market. Fitting.
We saw a bubble making machine in one of the vintage stores. Amazing.
Later on in the evening, we ended up in a bakery called The Sweet Flour in the west end. They serve cookies with the somewhat novel concept of the "make your own" cookie. As in you pick the dough, add the bits and pieces you want, and have them bake it for you. The cookie itself could have been better in my opinion, but it was kind of fun being able to make your own. I liked the whole ambiance of the place as well. Then we went back to Stephen's and made lasagna. It took quite a long time to prepare (or maybe it just seemed like it since I was quite hungry), but it was definitely worth it. It turned out delicious.
White chocolate and Snickers pieces cookie.
Baking ... and baking ...
The noodles were spinach ones, that's why they are green.
YUM! :)

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