Sunday, December 5, 2010

Soho & Arepas

All of Saturday was a bit of a blur. We woke up pretty early and decided to not waste the gorgeous day at the Museum of Natural History as we had planned originally. So we decided to go shopping, as one must of course do when in New York. So we decided to head to Soho and then the East Village, as we were closest to those two areas.

Stephen was so not impressed with his breakfast. Neither was I. But he took it personally :P
A display of cookies in the window? Cannot be resisted.
Looks much better than it tastes unfortunately.
The sun was out and it was a beautiful day to be strolling around. We somehow forgot that it was Saturday though, and did not realize just how busy SoHo truly is on a weekend. Plus, all the stores that we went into were ridiculously expensive (even more than I had anticipated), so we got tired and gave up after a while.
After going into TopShop for the first time, and being totally freaked out by the amount of people there, we were defeated and left without anything. We decided to walk to the Easy Village and try our luck there.
By the time we got there, we were hungry and grouchy. Kinda felt like nothing was going our way. It was almost 6 o'clock and some stores were closing early. I didn't care about shopping anymore, so we decided to just go eat. I remembered we saw an interesting restaurant in the neighbourhood the night before, so we headed there. This was the first thing that was really great about the day. It was a Venezuelan restaurant that served arepas. I've never had arepas nor have I ever even heard the word. Lovely dish though. It's basically like a cornmeal pita stuffed with a whole variety of items. It doesn't loo that big, but one is enough to fill you up. Mine was the pulled pork and beans one which was amazing. Stephen got a chicken one which was delicious too. We also had yo-yos as an appetizer, which are apparently fried cheeseball that come with this sweet dipping sauce. I think. Overall, the meal was an a tasty experience that broadened my knowledge and palette, which was exactly what I was hoping to get in NY.

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