Sunday, December 5, 2010

FIT, FAO Schwarz, MOMA

The second day started off bright and early. I made an appointment to have a tour around the Fashion Institute of Technology at noon. It was conveniently only a block away from our apartment. I have wanted to study here probably for the last 7 years or so. It's always something I've come back to after crossing off another possible career path of my list. There have been many. I figured I should see the place I've been thinking about for so long in person. Poor Stephen endured the two hour session with me, which I was very grateful for. Overall, it was very informative. It seems like a great place and somewhere I would love to be. Financially though, I'm not sure if it's the smartest path to pursue. Kinda wish my mom and I never left New York, that way I could attend as a state resident. :P Ah well.

Afterwards, we decided to stroll around for a bit and slowly make our way up to F.A.O. Schwartz. The weather definitely wasn't the best that day. It was cold and rainy, then hot and muggy, then cold of all of a sudden again. Confusing and a bit annoying.
I really wanted to go to the top of the Empire State building. But again, with it being so rainy and foggy at times, I figured we wouldn't be able to see much. We decided to leave it for another day. In the end we never ended up getting around to it. Somehow the 4 or so days just flew by. Another reason to go back soon.
Very robust squirrels.
I think Stephen is excited ;)
We finally made it to the store after hours or walking. It was smaller than I remember. And just different. But it was still nice to go in.
Smurf army.
Afterwards, my friends from Brooklyn called me and we decided to meet on Sunday. Stephen and I weren't sure what to do that night, so we walked around for a a bit more. We wanted to go home and change and all before going out at night, but it turned out our friends Ryan and Anne were like two blocks away from where we were at that time. So we ventured over to the MoMa to meet up with them. This exhibit depicted what the world would look like in various states of change. New Aqueous City examined the effects of rising water levels and how our lives would change.

We walked around the museum for a couple of hours. It was interesting but since it was free admission that night it was way too packed. I'm glad we got to go anyways.
We stumbled upon a small dark room with a projector. And a bench. Clearly it was designed to be used as a shadow puppet room. :)
I noticed I took a lot of pictures of patterns on this trip. I like patterns.
... close ....
I used to have the biggest crush on Elvis as a kid. Okay, still kinda do.  :P
After the MoMa, we subwayed down to the Lower East Side where Anne and Ryan were going to meet a friend. We ended up at Avenue A Sushi I believe. It was interesting. They played loud clubbing music, so it was a bit odd to try to have a conversation and hear the other person. But the food was good as far as I can remember.
Afterwards, we headed to a couple of bars. On the way there, we stopped at Butter Lane cupcake shop. It was awesome. I had a salted caramel chocolate cupcake which was really good. A cupcake is always a great way to start a night.

Elvis. We meet again.
I can't remember where we went exactly. But their friend wanted to go to this bar he knew, but it was full. So he gave his number to the guy outside so he could call us when there was a table available. No table, no service. So we went to one or two other places to kill time. Then we got the call. We walked down the street back to, Death & Co. It was a really cool place. The drinks were a bit more than usual I would say. But they were totally worth it. Pure alcohol, old school style. Each one was presented in each own way, and made to look like a masterpiece. It was nice to just sip on a very strong drinks for a change. The whole place was very prohibition era themed. Dark and cozy. We had the crispy fries with blue cheese fries which were amazing, as well as the pork belly which was also delicious. Overall, I'm really glad we were taken here.
Afterwards, we were on our way to another bar when Anne decided to stop for some nachos. We stumbled upon a taping of Gossip Girl. We sat inside and watched the filming as the patrons inside booed. Amusing. I think we went to another bar after but did not stay for that long. Got home around 3 or 4am, so it was long and eventful day.

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