Sunday, November 21, 2010

New York - day 1

I guess it's time to update on the last month and a bit. I've really not been taking many pictures lately at all. I feel like each day just flies by and next thing you know it's already a month later. Not very in the moment at all unfortunately. Anywho, back at the end of September, Stephen and I ventured to New York City. I have literally not been back in N.Y. in a decade, so it was definetely nice to go back and see it now.

Odd self guided trolley that takes you out of Newark.

We took the train from Newark airport to Penn station and then walked the 10 or so blocks to our apartment. The whole apartment saga turned out perfectly and way better than expected. After searching for weeks on various rental sites, we were about to book a ridiculously overpriced hotel and just forget about it. But luckily the same night, I got an email from one of my inquiries a week or so earlier. I was still skeptical about the whole renting from someone over Craigslist thing, but as a back up had a couple of numbers of various hotels listed and figured we weren't loosing anything if it turned out to not be real.
Upon our arrival, we met with our host Sergio and were very pleasantly surprised. The apartment was located in the heart of Chelsea and was exactly as listed. After settling in, we decided to wander around the area and see where we were.

We ended up walking up to Times Square.  I can't say I felt overwhelmed or anything, but it was still interesting to be in such a high-traffic location.
We then wandered into the Broadway tickets booth to see if we could get tickets to check out a show. There was the TKTS booth which sells discounted ones, but the line up for that was way too long. I really wanted to see Wicked, but it was sold out and way too expensive as well. We settled on seeing Next to Normal, which our host Sergio actually recommended.
I really liked this concept. Cheesy but cute.
The weather that day was insane. Even thought it was the end of September, it was 30 something degrees and extremely humid. I was quite surprised by the subway situation. Every time we went underground I felt like I might pass out. I don't know how people take the subway there in the summer; the heat is definitely extreme.
Lego Store. We stumbled upon it and of course had to go in. I was obsessed with Lego when I was a kid. And still think it awesome now. :)
Oh technology. You can actually see what the kit inside will look like when it's built. Pretty cool.
Stephen's shirt blends right in :P
We then saw the American Girl store. I had to go in. I have always wanted one (or all of them), and still kind of do. Although it would be slightly ridiculous to spend hundreds of dollars on one now. But I still think they are really cool. 

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