Sunday, September 5, 2010

Time off

At the end of July I took a week off work to enjoy some down time. The time just flew by though. One of the days was spent with my mom on her birthday, which was quite nice. The rest was mostly a blur. At the end of the week Stephen and I ventured to his aunt's cottage and spent some time there. Unlike most of this summer, those two days were a lot colder than usual so we didn't get to enjoy the beach all that much. We did go to a nearby where the water was very similar the Caribbean; it was quite odd.

Are we there yet? :P
Veggie skewers. So yummy.
We came out to find this birdie on my car.
It was just sitting there and looking at us.
I managed to get this close without it flying away.
Eventually we got int the car, and it was still there. I think we started driving before it flew away. Oh and of course it took a crap in the space between the car and windshield wipers. So cute hah.
Testing the water.
Awesome water. Too bad the sun barely came out. We only swam for a little before it got too cold.
About to watch the sunset on the deck.
So beautiful :)
Went to sleep fine, woke up with an enormous spider bite on my leg. It was ridiculous and painful.
Paddleboat time. In sweatshirts. Got really close to a loon without realizing what we thought was a mating call was actually a back off screech. Once we say its menacing red eyes, we got the hint and pedaled fiercely.

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