Sunday, August 15, 2010


Wow, time flies. So sometime in the middle of July, Stephen and I ventured to his friend J.J.'s girlfriend's cottage. It was located in Plevna, ON which was about a four hours drive from Toronto. After figuring out how to get there, we left Stephen's early on a Saturday morning. We stopped at the famous Big Apple on the way there, to get an apple pie to bring to the cottage. Using Stephen's handy Iphone, we navigated our way to in the middle of nowhere land, only to discover that we no longer had service and had to idea where we were actually going. In addition, Stephen realized he forgot to pack swimming trunks ... which during cottage weekend away, is one of the most important articles of clothing one needs. He was not happy. Hilarity ensued as we tried to figure out what to do. We ended up driving back for about a half hour to where we did have service, amazingly finding a place that sold some swimming attire in a convenience store, writing down where we had to go and how to get there, and proceeding on our way. We ended up getting there right as everyone was just waking up, so it turned out perfectly.
So many pies. Sadly, the apple one was apparently not as tasty as we thought.

Once we got to the cottage, we had a great second breakfast and headed out to the lake. The water was warm and clear and the lake was huge. It was nice to be able to just swim for a while and relax.
So much food. 
This moth was missing a chunk of its wing.
Stephen trying to wakeboard. He was doing pretty well :)
In the midst of it all, we fell asleep :) I love this picture.
In the afternoon, we had a lovely dinner and proceeded to drink the night away. I remember going outside in the middle of the night and lying on the dock looking at all the stars. It was beautiful.
The next morning Stephen and I woke up earlier than anyone else. We went for an early morning swim and were attacked by horse flies. They were relentless. The day consisted of more swimming, BBQing, drinking, and taking a nap in the hammock before packing up and heading home. Overall, it was a great weekend.

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