Thursday, June 10, 2010

May Two-Four

Gotta catch up on posting stuff. And be more motivated to do if more often. It seems like that's the case with most things unfortunately.

Anywho, May 24 weekend began with Stephen coming over to my house and me making dinner. I made a mushroom asparagus risotto with a balsamic reduced chicken with spinach, which turned out quite well. It was a nice evening. The next morning I made a super yummy marscapone stuffed french toast with a blueberry jam that started off our morning right.
On Saturday we went to see a rendition of The Little Prince. It's one of my favourite books. For not any particular reason really. The play turned out to be a children's play ... literally, the first four rows were comprised only of three to six year olds. It was quite amusing. After Stephen and I seperated for the evening, I met up with Kim to go shopping for her Euro trip. We went to Wall-mart and got most of her basics. On Sunday, Kim and I came over to Stephen's house in the morning and I made the yummy french toast again. Then we headed to the beaches since it was such a nice day. We attempted to rollerblade, which was a lot of fun. Definetely got the hang of it again. Then we had a nice little picnic on the rocks by the lake complete with numerous cheeses, grapes, and rose. Perfect way to spend a sunny day outside :)
After coming back to Stephen's, we chilled before figuring out where to head out for the night. Originally we were supposed to go out on College, and then on Queen. Once we got to the area though, we wandered around for a bit and ended up at this club called Atelier. Even though we had to pay cover after being told we didn't, which was annoying, I had a blast. The place played a really good mix of music, and even though it was just the three of us, I had one of the best nights out in a while. :)

We had Monday off since it was a long weekend. Ended up going to the Distillery to walk around. They had a craft fair, which I think happens every weekend in the summer if I'm not mistaken. It was interesting to see all of the different things for sale. I bought a silver ring that I quite like. Nastasha texted me on our way there and I invited her to join us. We ended up going for dinner and having quite a few drinks on a patio. It was great to catch up and talk. Unknowingly, I became quite drunk. It was a great end to an even greater weekend.

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