Monday, March 1, 2010


Hello :)

Hmmm. I think it's important that I outline why I decided to start a blog in the first place. I started my first diary when I was 11 or 12 and have always had once since. Or tried to rather. I find that while I love the idea of writing daily in my journal, in reality it's too tedious to be maintained. My mind moves way faster than the hand holding the pen, and by the time I finish one train of thought I have lost interest in trying to continue with the ten other subjects I wanted to document. So I figure by typing most things out, not only will it save time but it will also make it harder to not write in it due to the fact that typing away does not require that much time.

Secondly, I feel that I am at the point in my life where I am ready to actually start living it. Whereas for the longest time I don't feel like I have been. I have all these things I want to do and have wanted to do for years, but have never actually done. I feel like by writing them down, it will make me more accountable and proactive. At least that's the idea. I want to be passionate about more things. And in order to be, I think I have to just do them more. Hence, this will be my little project to becoming the person I want to be. Whoever that may be.

I think this will be a good thing. Hopefully I can actually keep to it, unlike most other things. I guess the reason why I'm actually starting this is also due to timing. A couple of months ago I came upon and I've really enjoyed how the author Chiara makes everyday mundane things seem interesting. I've always wanted to get into photography, and this is one of the things that is on my to-do list. I finally bough a DSLR, so hopefully I will get to put it to use more often. The other reason is partly due to my boyfriend whose blog also inspired me somewhat. I really like his idea of mapping his progress in his quest to change careers. I'm very proud and happy for him. :) So I guess these two factors, in addition to many others have culminated themselves in this new little blog of my own.

The goal will be to post about whatever. I want to take more pictures. Of things. Of friends. Of moments in general. Not just birthdays and special events. More day to day things I guess. I want to figure out what it is I love in life and do it. I think that this will partly help in that quest. I just need a place to house all my thoughts and goals and random things here and there and this will be it.