Thursday, June 16, 2011

Wilted Roses

About a month ago I got my mom roses for Mother's Day. From this place called Rosarium. All they have is roses. Really nice ones from Ecuador. I've been there before, but not recently as it is somewhat pricey. I was not home for a couple of days, and when I finally did reappear I noticed that they shrivelled up in a very interesting way. I think the ones I got were yellowish with a bit of orange on the inside, but when they died they became darker and still preserved their shape and aestheric nicely. Not to sound too emo, but I thought they were really beautiful. I still don't take as many pictures as I would like and have not really dedicated time to learn more about photography in general, but I hope to do so sooner rather than later. As I was heading out the door one day, I decided to take some quick shots before the roses got thrown out.

I really like how some of these turned out. I think I was able to capture the interesting texture the petals acquired at least somewhat. In some pictures the flowers look like people. Or maybe it's just me? I feel like some of them look sad, curious, menacing, deep in thought and some a bit happy, ahahah. I am pretty bad at being able to narrow down pictures and just choose my favourite, so I posted all of the ones I like. I tend to have a hard time picking things as anyone who knows me can attest to.  There were a couple I did omit though. Hopefully I will have some more time to just play around and take random pictures. I really have to just make time for it, as it seems like the days just fly by and next thing you know it's June. Oh wait, it is. :/ I'm loving this weather we are currently experiencing and am going to focus on producing more photographic evidence of my currently mundane existence.

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