Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Webster's Falls

Sometime back in October, Kelly and I ventured out to Dundas, Ontario in an attempt to wander around a waterfall she had a shoot at. We got lost on the way, as usual, but found it eventually. It was quite a lovely sight :)
Yes, those are two people sitting right at the edge. 
The whole area was beautiful. It was quite murky out, but was still a great way to spend half a day. We took some pictures, wandered downstream, breathed the country air, and were on our way home by dusk.
Climbing up higher and to the side, we found a cool moss covered rock wall which has its own mini waterfalls. I took this opportunity to play around with my camera and try to capture the dripping water and colours in different ways. I think some of the pictures turned out nice. I definitely need to learn more about photography and light and aperture and etc tho. I find it all so interesting, yet somehow never get around to learning more about it. Soon. Very soon.

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